Hurricane Information


Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe and happy and to keep you from feeling the stress of an evacuation.

  • Get a copy of your pet’s vaccination records NOW! Please give us a call if you don’t have one. We will email a copy for free but we do not fax or reprint. Legitimate boarding facilities will require proof of DH(L)PP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations from a licensed Veterinarian as well as a current fecal check for dogs. For cats, proof of FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations from a licensed Veterinarian will generally suffice.

  • Have a two month supply of all of your pet’s prescription medications. Some pets may need a supply of tranquilizers for traveling. Remember to bring your pet's supply of heart-worm and flea preventative.

  • Please microchip your pet to increase the odds of a safe and quick return in the event that he/she becomes separated from you!

  • Pets under stress do not do well with an abrupt change in diet. Have several weeks worth of their regular food ready to go. If your pet is on a prescription diet, just call us to order an extra bag.

  • Make sure you take collars, leashes, rabies tags, kennels, carriers, bedding, toys, and water to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

  • Please call us with any questions or concerns. It can be overwhelming for everyone once a storm hits the Gulf…including us…so let us help you sooner than later!!!


For more information:

504.897.4973 (phone)

504.897.4938 (fax)